1. <Rant> - Design and Designers are Becoming One Big Fat Facepalm of Elitism


    The world of design is becoming so shallow and prejudiced that I could easily cry into this glass of delicious Pepsi I happen to be enjoying right now. Luckily for us artists the world is our oyster, at least for the most part. There’ll always be someone around to acknowledge us, maybe even appreciate or like us. For designers, there’s a growing problem of elitism that I feel needs to be stamped out.

    Hit the jump if you find yourself nodding inwardly. Hell, hit the jump even if you don’t. No worries.

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    I have so much respect for this post, you wouldn’t believe. 
    I won’t deny that some of my work has fallen into the category of these cliché designers recently, however that work has been produced at request, the issue with working freelance is that you are at the mercy of whoever you work for, there’s no choice, you produce the work you’re paid to do.

    I appreciate the work and of course the money, money pays the bills, but design and illustration are still to this day, my passion. 
    I enjoy taking that passion and trying new things, I don’t want to be tied down to producing the same thing as everyone else. 

    Don’t be a part of the fad, create the next one. Make something new.

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  2. Times they are a changin’.

    Yeah I did just quote a Bob Dylan song. Wanna fight about it?

    So as it happens, I’ve been using my tumblr pretty much as my main portfolio website, which has worked out okay, but as I grow as a designer, I’ve come to realise that it’s incredibly unprofessional, I shouldn’t host my career on a micro-blogging site. 

    Therefore, I’m currently working on moving my portfolio over to my Cargo Collective. Whilst in the process of moving my work across, I will also be cutting my portfolio down and ridding myself of work that’s out-dated and doesn’t show my potential / talent. 

    That isn’t to say however that I will no longer use this website, I will continue to use my tumblr blog, but as the medium it’s supposed to be, a blog. 

    From now on I’ll mainly be uploading behind the scenes shots and general blog-type-things. I will still upload finished products, but they’ll include a run down of the process I went through and planning / progress images with it.

    Cheers for stickin’ around.

  3. hitrecord:


    REmix by mikeoraw

    Some work I did over on hitrecord

  4. The watcher

  5. A joint project between myself and some good friends!
    If you can tell me what this is, massive points for you.

  6. More of my league of legends sticker designs!
    Would you buy some team stickers?

  7. Possible t-shirt prints!

  8. Beards are good

    Have I mentioned my love for beards?

  9. OBH shirt

    Check out this t-shirt I did for Ben Hughes. Awesome guy and fun to work for!

    (www.youtube.com/ben and www.obviouslybenhughes.com)


    Wearing your own shirt isn’t weird… Right? :)

    GET YOUR OWN: http://obh.me/obhstore


  10. A small illustration titled “gregory the explorer”.
    A new character i’ve created whilst exploring my illustrative side. 


    (Source: mikeoraw)

  11. A little something i’m working on for an exhibition based on nodes.

    (Source: mikeoraw)

  12. One of my latest designs for the band “valys”, 
    Recently I produced their single cover titled “pretty bones” which is released on pornography for cowards records.

    Here’s what I came up with, photography self shot of course!

    Mike O’Raw