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  2. Times they are a changin’.

    Yeah I did just quote a Bob Dylan song. Wanna fight about it?

    So as it happens, I’ve been using my tumblr pretty much as my main portfolio website, which has worked out okay, but as I grow as a designer, I’ve come to realise that it’s incredibly unprofessional, I shouldn’t host my career on a micro-blogging site. 

    Therefore, I’m currently working on moving my portfolio over to my Cargo Collective. Whilst in the process of moving my work across, I will also be cutting my portfolio down and ridding myself of work that’s out-dated and doesn’t show my potential / talent. 

    That isn’t to say however that I will no longer use this website, I will continue to use my tumblr blog, but as the medium it’s supposed to be, a blog. 

    From now on I’ll mainly be uploading behind the scenes shots and general blog-type-things. I will still upload finished products, but they’ll include a run down of the process I went through and planning / progress images with it.

    Cheers for stickin’ around.

  3. The watcher

  4. More of my league of legends sticker designs!
    Would you buy some team stickers?

  5. Possible t-shirt prints!

  6. Beards are good

    Have I mentioned my love for beards?

  7. A small illustration titled “gregory the explorer”.
    A new character i’ve created whilst exploring my illustrative side. 


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  8. A little something i’m working on for an exhibition based on nodes.

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  9. A logo design I submitted to TFstudios as part of a competition.
    The brief given was:

    Tarcanus Frostbourne Studios

    Business Description

    We host numerous role play forums in addition to hosting our own YouTube channel, website and podcasts.

    Further requirements

    We really would like a clean design that has many deep, vibrant blue colors and icy text.

    The icon should incorporate a “frostbolt” or blizzard of some sort that really brings out the “frosty” nature of the Frostbourne name.

    If you are confused as to what a “frostbolt” is, please refer to many of the images and videos out there that show wizards, mages, and sorcerers summoning bolts of ice to hurl at enemies and destroy buildings (think World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, TERA, Aion, Guild Wars, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, ect.). I really what this icon to look amazing.

    As long as the font looks sharp and clean, any font will do. The same with the capital lettering vs. lower case lettering and other typefont settings.

    Please keep in mind that our forums, websites and YouTube channels are heavily oriented towards gaming and fantasy role play.

    Of course, Tarcanus Frostbourne Studios must be able to trademark and copyright the logo and will have 100% ownership of the project and all its source files and products with no royalties or other licenses attached after the design is chosen.

    File types:

    You’ll need to provide your design in the following file types: AI, EPS, PSD, JPG”

    I believe i produced a nice style image, fitting the brief but also fitting the type of company TFstudios are.

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  10. Click it for a big ‘un!

    Messing around with this image for the band “Valys”. I’ve been asked to produce the cover for their first EP titled “compass”. 


    Mike O’Raw 

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  11. Click it, it makes it bigger!

    Another little project I hope to have running. 
    "You’re just my type" will be a monthly published webzine.
    If you have your own fonts or know of any fonts that should be highlighted in each issue drop me a message at justmytype@mikeoraw.co.uk 

    Mike O’Raw 

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  12. Click each image for a larger view!

    Recent branding i’ve been hired to do for “Raisedfest” in leeds! coming very soon! Images of the poster up asap!

    The event is sponsored by hevypetal

    Mike ORaw

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